Plans & Pricing

We’ve divided this page into sections for simplicity. Web design is quoted on a case-by-case basis, however, we have included an initial price below to give you a rough estimate, however, we highly recommend you contact us for a quote.

Graphic Design ranges dependent on the requirements for the project.

Social Media Marketing is billed on a monthly basis. There is also an option to pay quarterly and annually, however the pricing on this page will be monthly.


The Complete Branding Solution

Just starting up? Or perhaps you are already well-established but are ready to evolve your brand to the next level? Our ‘Complete Branding Solution’ can help you with this.

We offer:

  • Brand consultancy – let’s find out where you’re at, and then put a plan in place to enhance your brand. Everything from your brand’s identity, it’s positioning and it’s personality, so we have greater understanding of where your brand is, and where it’d like to be.
  • Logo & Brand Assets – once we have the plan in place, we’ll action it – starting with your biggest brand asset – your logo. You’ll receive these in different sizes and themes based around your brand’s colours that we have defined in the plan.
  • Website Design – once we’ve got the logo designed and your brand colours are in place, we’ll then create the website. This will be styled with your brand’s colours, will include your logo, and a secondary font set out in your branding document.
  • Social Media – time to promote your business. We’ll add your logo to your existing social media channels, and we’ll begin a content plan for the month. We’ll regularly keep in touch with you to find out what’s happening in the business, and how we can promote it.
  • Promotional Video/Podcast – we’ll come to your premises and interview you, and will upload this to your social media channels and your website.

We can complete all of this as a complete package, and it costs less than you think. Let’s have a coffee – email